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Tlaloc's Temple

Written by Mod Father. Posted in Xperia PLAY Optimized

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  • Developer - Thecle
  • Genre - Puzzle
  • Multiplayer - No
  • Online - No
  • Price - £0.80
  • Move to SD - Yes
  • Disk size - 74MB

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Trapped in the temple of the Aztec god of water, sadistics and cunning traps awaits you in the deeper parts of the Tlaloc's Temple.

Would you be able to survive this bloody adventure, make your way through the mazes, jump over the traps and make your choice to decide your fate ? Will you escape the dark and deep water promising your death ?

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  • Cross 16 deadly levels, resolve traps and die attrocely in blood and fire action.
  • High resolution graphics with 5 quality levels
  • Choose your gender
  • Blood and scream can be desactivated in options
  • XPERIA PLAY optimized (low quality level)







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