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Written by Barry G. Posted in Xperia PLAY Optimized

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Developer: Kokak
Genre: First Person Shooter
Online: No
Multiplayer: No
Price: £1.35 
Move to SD: Yes
File Size: 0.4MB + Data Download


Link to Google PLAY Click Here


The godfather of FPS shooters is now finally optimised for the ultimate gaming smart phone.  This is a port of the PC versions of the Doom game collection but with a few tweaks too.  As well as support for high res devices like Tablet S and Xperia S.  You will find a list of graphical improvements, like with dynamic lighting effects, blood projections, particle effects and even 3D monsters too.  Re-live the classic in a the richest experience to date.



So for those of you that haven't tried this already.  It isn't the game you are buying, it is the emulator engine to run the PC titles that you are buying.  When you buy it though, you get to download the original Doom title as it is freeware.  Then if you own the WAD files for the other supported titles in the series, you can just dump them onto the SD card to play them too.  I say own, but a quick google search will let you download it from some dodgy website.

What is a WAD file?  Well, it is in short the game package used for the Doom games.  It contains all of the elements of the game, like the maps, icons and graphics used.  I guess for gamers that are familiar with emulators, this is the ROM file.  The developer has given us a rough file size of the other WAD files.

Doom shareware + common data: 40MB
Ultimate Doom : 100MB
Doom 2: 185MB
Plutonia: 80MB


The enhancements for newer graphics look ace.  The games flow incredibly well and without glitches too.  The Xperia PLAY optimisation is brilliant and any of your retro gamers out there with a PLAY will love it.  The left and right trigger buttons are for side stepping, the D Pad is obviously for movement and your X button for shoot.  It is perfect for it.  The experience on the touch screen edition on Xperia S and Tablet S, is enjoyable and very playable.  Although for retro games like this, I can't help but feel like you need a gamepad for it.

All in all, this is a great port and the graphical improvements will definitely be worth the £1.35 cost compared to other free ports on Android... sorry Google Play. 



USB Gamepad support

Unfortunately and very frustratingly.  Only one button doesn't work when using a gamepad with this title and that is shoot.  Bit of a flaw for a FPS.  The shoulder buttons work, the Analogue works and so does back... just not fire.  I tested this with the Tablet S and Dual Shock controller on Honeycombe.

If you are into your retro gaming from yester-year.  Why not check out our emulator section for the best retro consoles on your droid.

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