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Written by Barry G. Posted in Xperia PLAY Optimized

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Developer: Gameloft
Genre: RPG Shooter
Online: Yes
Multiplayer: Yes (up to 12)
Price: £4.99

Gameloft have been a reliable provider of titles since the Xperia PLAY's launch and have even been good to us, giving us some free Games like Asphalt 6 & Rainbow 6.  All of which have been fantastic games!  This next title is no exception to this, in fact to be very short... I think this is their best game yet!

9MM is the closest xperience to date to Grand Theft Auto on the Xperia PLAY and lets face it, there is a huge demand for it.  But don't let other reviews fool you, this doesn't mean you have a free range mode or that you can get in cars.  The only comparison is following missions on foot and the general feel is a bang on copy... even the random swearing and abuse from gangstars.  The main character himself is very cheesy with his one liners and speaches, in fact some of the one liners even remind me of Duke Nukem'.  This doesn't effect the col value of the game at all though, if anything it makes me enjoy it even more.  The video sequences for the story line are enjoyable, although I wouldn't recommend this game for youngsters as early on you see the main character dive into to a bit of cocaine.

Within the first ten minutes of playing this game, I am totally in love.  Visually it is just awesome, I can't get over some of the graphics.  Especially when you compare it to other efforts so far which just look like blocky versions of PS2 games but now they look closer to polished console games.  The audio effects are unbelievable, I highly recommend that you play with a set of headphones to get the best of this.  I sat playing on the London Underground with the biggest grin on my face it was so good, I almost missed my stop too as I was so engaged with the game.  However after the honeymoon period a few thing do start to get boring.  Firstly there is the incredibly boring chase scenes, they go on for so long and you have very little interaction.  To be cool and seen as embracing new tehnology, Gameloft threw in little swipes on the screen to interact with the chase scene like jumping over fences or wrestling dogs.  Having spoke to my fellow gamers they also have said how annoying this is, it's just a lazy way of having what could of been a killer chase scene.  They clearly could'nt be bothered to code more interactions and it just feels incomplete.  Then the next bit that really really spoiled this for me.  Half way through the game a very annoying pop up arrives.  To continue with the game, please rate this 5 starts on Android market.  WHATT???  You cheeky sods!  They have every right to promote a good star rating if they deserve it but to actually interupt the game is a bad move and has ruined this game for me.

Now onto the multiplayer mode.  Gameloft are clearly the leader in online & multiplayer modes as we have seen with previous games like Rainbow 6, Ashphalt and NOVA2.  Using Gameloft Live, you can log in and play with other gamers from across the world just like with your dedicated console and you can even compete with gamers using other Android devices.  You can have up to 12 players in a lobby or MAP which is pretty good going, Asphalt could only handle 6 players at once.  The local multiplayer mode is the same, as long as all connect via the same Wi-Fi hotspot you can have a local game with up to 12 players too, although we haven't tried it in that much detail though.

Gameloft have definitely got the hang of programming for the Xpria PLAY touchpads as this game seems to be niggle free and smooth as a babies bum for playing.  The graphics, the audio is just brilliant.  But what lets it down is Gamelofts persitance to just cut corners, the touch screen interaction is badly done and ruins some fantastc moments in the game.  That and the stupid Market Pop up... just for this I market it down.  could have been a 10 out of 10 game from us.  please don't let my negitivity put you off, it is still a good game.

This game at the moment isn't available through the peria PLAY launcher, instead it is available to download via Android Market.  This is very unusual from Gameloft.  All of their games are usually downloaded via their  WAP portal, allowing them to control digital rights a lot better.  However this seems to be changing going forward and it looks like they are slowly adding their catalogue of titles to Market.

Link to download from Android Market



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