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Written by Barry G. Posted in Xperia Gamer

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Welcome to Xperia Gamer folks and thank you for taking the time to visit this page. We have built this website as a little hobby and since it's launch in October 2011, we have watched it grow and grow. We originally built this website to share the latest updates and games available for the Sony Xperia PLAY. We will always be true to this console and will be the last website to stop blogging about it and believe me, if Sony make a PLAY 2, we will be the first website and the best for it. :)

We have over the past year, evolved the site into just a little bit more than a geeky site. We have built new sections, that cover off the best game pads for Android devices, YouTube videos showing you the coolest games and gadgets & a whole section dedicated to the best emulators you can find for those retro gamers out there.

Ultimately we love gaming... we are also incredibly geeky. So this website will forever be our dedicated place for sharing the great, the awesome and the best gaming experience on Sony Android devices. We will always be the ultimate site for that real gaming experience on Xperia smartphones.

Below is a list of the people that have helped make this website what it is today. Including us, your friendly Xperia nerds... feel free to drop us a line sometime.




Barry G (Founder)

Games, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter


Mod Father / Poo-Tang (Founder and owner of a somewhat naughty alias)

Rooted Zone, XDA Developers, Twitter, Emulators & OnLive





VariousFor 'Player for passion, walker-through for hobby, just as you could be.' @VariousFor

Check out his YouTube channel


Flat_Steve (XDA Forums) @Flat_Steve


Reesters ( @Reesters


If you believe you have something rather cool to add to the website and feel others would benefit.  Do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas as we would love to have some more contributers onboard, just appreciate that at the moment we are a non profit website and do this for the love so there is no money in it... just errr.... love!



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Contacting us

If you have any feedback regarding the website, any of its content or perhaps even to suggest ideas.  Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are more than open minded enough.  To be honest we have even have people report typos to us and we acted immediately. :p

Email us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tweet us - @XperiaGamer


What do you think of our website? Please leave a comment below or feel free to drop us an email.