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Windows on Xperia

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How to run Windows 95, 98, XP, linux on your Android Xperia device.

So the idea of booting and running PC Microsoft Windows operating system on your Android device has been going round for a while now but how far has it come. Well here at Xperiagamer we did a little testing to see what we could run on a few of our device's. What does this mean to us gamers out there? Well not alot at the mo but goes to show if you can run windows full operating system inside a android OS what else could you get running on your pocket sized device. Anything is possible!!

How to Guide on running it for yourself at bottom of page.

Screenshots Xperia play running windows 95 OS - 

win95_4  win95_1
win95_3  win95_2  

Screenshots Xperia S running windows 98 OS - 

win98_1  win98_5
win98_2  win98_3

Instructions on how to run yourself 

Bochs (tested by us) or Qemu (should work fine)

  1. Choose which app suits you either (stable but slower) or (unstable but faster)
  2. Download the package you want as contains the files you need (Apart from the windows IMG file which you will need to search for and download or make one yourself from a windows installation cd). 
  3. Extract and Install the app APK file first like you would any other and then copy the contained SDL folder on to root of sdcard , so path should be sdcard/SDL/*.*
  4. Put a disk image (e.g win98.img = windows98) of type ".img" of any operating system in SDL folder and rename it to "c.img" (tested : win 95/98/XP -Linux OSs like Ubuntu/Knoppix/redhat etc can also be used)
  5. If you would like to save your work or install programs to windows you can make a new folder on the root of your sd card and name it (HDD) if you then look in my computer on the windows OS you will see it as (drive-D)
  6. Run Bochs or LibSDL (Qemu) from appdrawer. Let it boot (takes a while) and enjoy.


Bochs app package download

  • Bochs 2.5.1.apk
  • Bochs SD folder SDL (please place the folder named just ( SDL ) with contents as is on the root of your SD card/internal)

Qemu app package download

  • QEMU.apk
  • QEMU SD folder SDL (please place the folder named just ( SDL ) with contents as is on the root of your SD card/internal)


How to use

When you have managed to get into windows for example you control it like this - 



For more info or help please see original XDA forum thread 

Big thanks to mnomaanw for his guide



You can also run Windows with an app like DOSBOX TURBO which is xperia play optimized, with a few commands but its a working progress at the moment and does not normally fully boot.