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Walkman Player App W8 / miui

Written by Barry G. Posted in Utilities


W8/Miui music player for Gingerbread OS 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with te hardware or software of the Music player on the Xperia PLAY, except it's a little bland.  Walkman is a sexy brand and its iconic colours and visualizations are just visualy striking.  So here is how to install it on your Xperia PLAY.
Creator: PTGamer of XDA Forums
Compatible Rom: Any Root Access
Compatible Kernel: Any
File Size: 1.1MB

Sony's Walkman's are just legendary bits of hardware, quite literally as they were the first of their kind back in 1979 when the first portable personal cassette players came to the market.  Bit of history for you, that is the same year as the first commercial hip hop record by Sugarhill Gang called 'Rapper's Delight'.  Sony Ericsson also had a monsterous success wth their Walkman branded phones, so why not add a bit of that heritage to Android.


The reality is that this Walkman App does nothing different to the stock music player at all.  If you are installing this, the benefits are purely asthetic.  But then how much of all of this modding is actually practical?  We do it, beacuse it's god dahm cool!  The layout is nice and the album artwork look with the CD cases is a neat design although the widget is not as nice as the stock player.  It is possible inferior because it was taken from the W8 which is basiclly an Xperia X8 with the Walkman APK installed instead of the modern Live with Walkman software which includs the infinity key for online content.  Hopefully it won't be long before the talented guys at XDA Developers will port exactly that version.  Thanks to PTGamer at XDA Developers for making this APK.

How to install the Walkman App

I wish it was as easy as download APK and install it, but it isn't!  Before this app can be installed, you must change the permissions for it to work and before you can do that, the app must be safely on your phones internal memory.  As with anything here in this section of the website, this is for rooted devices only and we recommend that you use the Root Explorer app for managing APK's.

Step 1 - Download the Zip File from here or download the APK directly (there is two methods to choose from).  You can either unzip the package using the Root Explorer App on your PLAY or if you prefer, do it on your computer and transfer the contained APK to your SD card.

Step 2 - Locate the Walkman APK on your memory card.  If you downloadd the Zip then open up the package and look inside Slade97_walkmanApp > system > App.  If you downloaded the APK directly then just open the folder where you saved it.


Step 3 - Open up Root Explorer and locate the Walkman APK.  Copy this APK by long pressing the file itself and choose copy and go back right to the first browser screen within Root Explorer.  Open System > App and paste the Walkman APK in here.  Scroll down till you se the Walkman APK.


Step 4 - press and hold the Walkman App until you get a pop up.  Select permisions from the selection and then change the tick boxes so it matches the below image.  When done, click OK.


This is now complete reboot your phone and you should have the Walkman player installed in your App selection menu.  If you liked this, then do have a look around our archives for further Rooted apps, tutorials and tips.

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