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Written by Barry G. Posted in Utilities


Customize your Android's Lock Screen

 So this application is a perfect example of non rooted modifications for Android.  This app lets you change the home lockscreen to be whatever you want.  There is literally a whole library of different lockscreens of different methods, colours themes and all sorts.  So if you don't like you stock lockscreen, then you can modify it to someone cooler looking.  The best example is probably the below picture, where you have the zip to unlock the screen.

Below is some more examples that are available from the app.  The one I have chosen from this is the Ice Cream Sandwich one, so if you want to trick your mates into thinking you already have ICS, then give it a go.  Some of the other ones include loads of themes and cool stuff.

You will find that these new modified unlock screen unlocks will also bring some new functionality too.  Let's say for example, directly from screen unlock you would like to go straight to the camera for example.  Or say, go straight to messages... then you can. Have a look at the below example to see what I mean.

Did I also mention that it is free...  :)  That's what I thought!  Find the Android link below.

Link to Android Market