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Beats Audio Plugin

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Beats music plugins for Rooted Android 2.3.+

Get the sound of Beats (by Dr Dre) mobile intergration on your rooted Xperia or other rooted Android devices. These files have been pulled out of a HTC sensation XE with beats audio, they will increase sound quaility for some older devices and give you a deeper music experince. Aside from the bass boost, there's nothing else on the phone related to Beats audio, which strikes us as something of a missed opportunity. It would have been interesting to have a Beats application offering music samples to showcase just how great the Beats headphones are, but this is a minor complaint. These plugins will work with you existing music player and with any good headphones.

  Update - Install beats installer from google play store 
Button Googlestore flat

Instructions after app - 

  • Always make a nandroid backup first using clockworkmod recovery just incase you have any problems you can go back.
  1. Install the flashable zip in clockwork mod recovery

  2. If you have issues with installing in choice 1 you can install files manually using something like Root Explorer app. 

  • Extract zip contents and locate the system folder from that. You will find 3 folders inside ( lib, etc, bin ) and sub folder ( audio )
  • Copy the files contained from these folders to the matching named folders in SYSTEM on your device.
  • After you have copied all to where it is ment to be you need to set permissions on these files to look like pic below *.
  • When all files have been copied and permissions set. reboot your device and plugins should be installed so get your headphones on and hear if it worked.

Setting Permissions*



Example Android without Beats plugin's ( Look out for the red in these pictures ) Same songs.


Example Android with Beats plugin's ( look out for the red in these pictures ) Same songs.