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Tiki Kart 3D {USB}

Written by Barry G. Posted in USB Pad Optimised

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Developer: arb studios
Genre: Arcade
Online: No
Multiplayer: No
Released: 30/1/2012
Price: Free
XperiaPLAY: Yes
Move to SD: Yes
File Size: 18MB Download

Link to Android Market - Click Here



Tiki Kart is an arcade kart based racing game starring ARB studios very own Tiki Bobby.  Deep from the depths of the Volcanos, comes an army of crazy creatures and their racing karts.  It is up to Tiki Bobby to take down his enemies and prove his worth on the tracks.  This game offers plenty of fun across a range of different weapons and pick ups across 15 different tracks, filled with traps and deadly obsticles.



I am not going to lie, it is a bit of a copy cat of PAC Man Kart Rally which is exclusive till the end of February in the US.  Taking all of that fun racing and wepaon based antics, which we all fell in love with after playing Mario Kart.  It is a good game though, with plenty of creativity behind the levels and characters.  The controls work decently but the steering seems to be too sensitive for tight corners but that might just be me.

Full review coming soon.