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Oscura {USB}

Written by Barry G. Posted in USB Pad Optimised

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XPO oscura

Developer: MTV networks
Genre: Platformer/Action
Online: no
Multiplayer: no
Price: £1.29
Move to SD: Yes
Size: 98MB Download

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About -

Evade scary creatures in the shadows to restore the light in this adventure game. A ray of light is cast to keep the Dark Creatures at bay. When the lighthouse's power crystal explodes, its shards scatter across the island and darkness takes over. It will now take all YOUR finesse to overcome the obstacles in this strange land, retrieve the shards and restore the light!

Xperia play optimized but does not show in the launcher.

Button Googlestore flat

Screenshots - 

XPO oscura 1

XPO oscura 2

XPO oscura 3

XPO oscura 4