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Inertia: Escape Velocity HD {USB}

Written by Barry G. Posted in USB Pad Optimised

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XPO inertia

Developer: Red Fly Studio, Inc
Genre: platformer
Online: no
Multiplayer: no
Price: £2.50 or free demo
Move to SD: Yes
Size: 48MB Download

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About -

Inertia: Escape Velocity builds on the award-winning gameplay that won Best Non-Professional Game, Achievement in Gameplay, Technical Achievement, and Gamers' Choice Awards at DICE's Indie Game Challenge 2011. Gravity is Going Down! You are Hermes, a high-tech scavenger who can turn his personal gravity on and off at will. Utilize your power to control Inertia to leap, hover, bounce, float, and zoom through intriguing challenges and deadly obstacles in this beautiful 3D platform game.

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Review -

Inertia: Escape Velocity HD is a stunning looking great feel game that will really make a old school platformer fan like myself very happy. It boasts lovely looking 3D HD graphics which are smooth and flow very well with no noticeable lag or interferences. Unlike the last few platformers released over the last months for android, this has a more adult sci-fi feel to it and is less fluffy happy as titles like Prehistoric Journey or Gunman Glive. Controls are great and if dont fancy using the screen you have a good choice as for tablets and other touchscreen devices it has full USB/Bluetooth Controller support and Now the greatest part of this new update Xperia Play Gamepad support too. Only issues which we hope they sort out soon is that you can not take on-screen controls off in settings, untill this is done only 7 out of 10. Even still we highly recommend you give this a try!!

score 7

Screens -

XPO inertia 1

XPO inertia 2

XPO inertia 3

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