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Gunman Clive {USB}

Written by Barry G. Posted in USB Pad Optimised

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Developer: Bertil Horberg
Genre: Platformer
Online: No
Price: £1.49
Move to SD: Yes
Size: 13.5MB Download




Download from Google PLAY Store


A retro platformer in a very modern, artistic way.  Set in the old west, the local town has become overun with villains and outlaws have kidnipped the majors daughter.  You must shoot your way through 16 unique and challenging levels to defeat the bad guys and save the girl.  Sound like fun?  Get downloading!



I love my old school platform games which is probably why I am such a fan of Orange Pixels titles on the Xpeia PLAY, they are just so much fun.  From the moment I saw the YouTube video promoting this game, I really wanted to play it.  It just looked so different.  Retro gameplay but in a modern 3D sketch tone rendered in old time colours... I could go on forever trying to describe it in detail, but I will positively fail. 

So does Gunman Clive deliver as a good video game?  Or is it another 5 minute of fame title that seems to plague Android.  Look at Draw Something, that was fun for all of a week before the same words repeated 3 times.  Well, I have been playing this for a couple of weeks now and I am just loving the design of the game more than anything.  The 3D rendering on the 2D levels does look awesome, especially the modelling on the bosses.  Everything I love about this game is to do with how it looks.  Even the little video sequences between levels.

However I feel that it's relying too much on it's visual stimulation and artistic creativity to help cover the average gameplay and controls.  This game could have been a great platform shooter, especially for fans of the old Metal slug games.  One Android user raised a good point on the Google play store, the bad guys can shoot diagonally and down, where as our hero can only shoot left or right.  I did find this quite limitating during gameplay.  This could have also been improved with a better use of sound effects and background music, it just seems to lack that extra level of atmosphere to get me sucked into the gameplay.  Also, am I the only one that finds the music really boring?  Then again, I guess a kick ass drum & bass beat wouldn't fit the old west at all.

Am I being too harsh?  Am I not just accepting this game for what its advertised as in its sarcastic manner of being nothing more than an average smart phone game.  Do please take my honest feedback on this game in the correct manner.  I am not being critical to be cruel, I am just disapointed that the amazing visuals are let down by average game play and boring sounds.  Perhaps a few more explosions would spice things up a little.


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