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Bob Orange {USB}

Written by Barry G. Posted in USB Pad Optimised

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XPO bob orange 1

Developer: Silicon Droid
Genre: 3D platformer
Online: No
Multiplayer: No
Price: £0.99 or a free trial version
Move to SD: Yes
Size: 15mb Download

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About - 

Bob Orange is a super fun 3D platform game for your phone with 100 levels. Created in the style of classic platformer games like Super Mario Bros, Kirby and Wonder Boy. This 3D side scroller is easy to pick up and play.

Featuring 100 levels with free online content levels added weekly for unlimited fun! The game is packed with machines and items including: Jetpacks, Helicopters, Tunnelers, Balloons, Canons, Catapults, Conveyers, Warp Gates, Speed Shoes and more. Jump down arcade pipes and play mini arcade machines to win extra life hearts. These cool arcade cabinets play the classic games like Space Invaders, Moon Buggy, Breakout and Grand Prix Racing.

Button Googlestore flat 

Note -

For Xperia Play or Usb Gamepads you will need to map the buttons first in the main settings menu then disable the on-screen controls.

Image's - 

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