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Written by Barry G. Posted in Touch Screen Games

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Games Indestructible

Developer: Glu 
Genre: Arcade/Combat
Online: Yes
Multiplayer: Yes
Price: Free
Move to SD: Yes 
File Size: 9MB + 18MB Download

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Indestructible is a car combat survival game with online game play and multiplayer fun.  Serving up stunning 3D graphics, smooth physics and enough weapons to start it's own wiki page.  There is only one purpose in this game and that is to destroy as many opponents as possible before your come to grips with your own fate.  Level up & earn points to unlock & buy loads of cool new items.


Well this is just my first thoughts for now as I've only been playing it for a few hours.  There is not many car combat games out there in the world apart from two of my favourite game series of all time; Twisted Metal & Rock'n'Roll Racing.  This is pretty much a blend of the two games and has a lot in common with Death Rally too, especially the controls.

This game is in app purchasing, so if you are going to go online,  I recommend that you try your best and unock some better weapons first as otherwise you will just get destroyed.  It's always fantastic when you can try a game completely for free, so just like us at the moment, download this title and enjoy some carnage.

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