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Death Rally

Written by Barry G. Posted in Touch Screen Games

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Developer: Remedy
Genre: Racing/Arcade
Online: no
Multiplayer: no
Price: Freemium
Move to SD: Yes
Size: 51MB & 110MB Download




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A legendary combat racer from the 90's, gets a fresh new look for Android.  An action packed racing game filled with explosions and plenty of ammunition across a tournament of deadly tracks.  But watch out for those in app purchases, this is a freemium title.



We reported about this title back when it launched in Canada as an exclusive title and we've been playing it ever since.  I don't suppose if any of you remember on the Super Nintendo all those years ago, a game called Rock'n'Roll Racing.  Well we do and this is a awesome as that was.  Even though, this game originally started life as a PC game almost as far back, we never played it till the recent Android port.

So this is an overhead racing game, like Micro Machines or the more recent Android title, Reckless Racing 2.  Except this time, instead of power sliding, jumping and slamming your opponents our of the way.  You simply just have to shoot the crap out of them!  Yay... we like violence!  The graphics are very nice on higher resolution displays like the Xperia PLAY and on the HD screen of the Xperia S. I have played it on both smart phones and frankly its just as nice on both of them.  The details of the maps and even the little crates and barrels or explosions for that matter, there is definitely a lot of effort that has gone into this visually.

However one thing I do find a tad frustrating, is the touch controls.  There is two different modes for controlling, either using a touch analogue or just a left and right control.  I feel that the analogue shoudl be easier to use, but it isn't.  i constantly find myself losing my finger off the side of the screen and losing control.  It is better with the on screen D-Pad after a few games but still it takes while to get used to.  I just wish that this game was optimised for either the Xperia PLAY or at least for USB controllers, so I can enjoy it with a control pad or my trusty little Gametel controller.  It's a perfect game to demonstrate the micro console idea, especially on the Xperia S.

The other annoying thing is the shear size of the internal memory this game uses.  even after moving to SD Card, it leaves 40MB of internal memory taken up.  Which for those on Xperia S, isn't an issue but for those of us with 2011 products like the Xperia PLAY, it's like losing a foot.


This game is so well made, I frankly find it hard to believe that its actually free but then I realise it's a freemium title.  I particularly like this game, due to my passion for combat racing games like Twisted Metal, Reckless Getaway and Rock 'n' Roll Racing.  If like me, you also felt like that Reckless Racing 2 was lacking just a little bit more action, then this game fills that void definitely.  An essential download for anyone who likes a bit of carnage on their touch screen.  But I wish there was a paid for version with full access as I prefer this and some inputs for USB controllers and Xperia PLAY gamepad.  This would make it brilliant!



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