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Crash Course 3D

Written by Barry G. Posted in Touch Screen Games

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Android CrashCourse3D

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  • Developer - DFC Games
  • Genre - Arcade
  • Online - No
  • Multiplayer - No
  • Price - Free
  • Move to SD - Yes



Alien Vessels have come from deepest space, threatening the existance of human colonies on remote planets in far away galaxies.  One ship has the weapons and the stamina to take on the hostile armada.  This high quality arcade shooter takes it to the next dimension, literally with 3D anaglyph glasses support.

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This game Rocks!  For those of you that are regulars here on this site, wil know that myself am no stranger to my arcade games.  I love them, I just can't enough of them.  Some of the simplest games are the best ones.  No one can despute the entertainament that Tetris has given people on the toilet for decades.  What I love about this game is that craziness.  The pick up and play aspect.  It has the same controls as PewPew2, where the right touch pad is movement and the left touch pad is aiming.  I do wish it was Xperia PLAY optimised though.  Those two on screen pads could easily be translated to the analogue touch pads of the PLAY controller.

Visually this game is really nice.  The detail on the 3D modelling is very nice indeed.  However, I have yet to see a different planet surface.  Having said that, there is very little differentiating each phase and level from the next.  It is a little repititive.  Games like PACMAN, Tetris, Space Invaders.  They get harder and harder, this game doesn't seem too, it just keeps going to the next stage.  The boss on every level is the same too.score 7

Perhaps a next version or an update with some new things to blow up would make it more interesting.  Along with some different planets, improved enemy AI and even a battle mode with online or BTooth gamers.  For now, I shall give this game 7, as I feel there is still much to be achieved from this game.

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