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ChuChu Rocket

Written by Barry G. Posted in Touch Screen Games

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Developer: SEGA
Genre: Puzzle
Online: No
Multiplayer: No
Released: 25/11/2011
Price: £0.69 GBP (free version available)
XperiaPLAY: No
Move to SD: Yes 
File Size: 17MB

Sega?  That's right people, you read it right.  Sega are finally on the Android bandwagon.  YAY!!!!!  What a perfect game to start their Android legacy with indeed.  ChuChu Rocket was a title originally released for the Dreamcast, which despite it's hardware issues was a great console.  This cute little game is perfect for touch screen, it's like it was always meant to be touch.  The way you place directional blocks onto the map to make the mice change direction and get safely home to the rockets.  Ok so for those of you that are thinking WTF right now, then let me explain the game a little.

The concept of the game is to guide the ChuChu mice to their space ships withought running into the very unappealing jaws of the robot cats.  The mice run forward and will bounce clockwise from walls until they reach their goal or death.  So strategically, you have to guide them by placing arrows on the floor that will send them in the right direction but once they have started moving you can only sit and watch their peril.  So harder levels will ofcourse take a few fails before cracking the puzzle.

This isn't an Xperia PLAY optimized game, as I already said.  But there genuinely is some games that just work amazingly well on touch and accellerometers.  Imagine playign Fruit Ninja on an analogue stick...  (insert error buzzer noise here).  This game has found it's home on touch screen and there is no need to piss abotu with it, it is perfect as it is.  I love this game and definitely worth the 69p price tag.  If ofcourse you want to take a break from zombie shooters and racing games.

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