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Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe - Review

Written by Barry G. Posted in Reviews

PSMobile sixty

Retro arcade shooter that promises to fill 60 seconds with Playstation Mobile magic

There isn't many Playstation Mobile games that I would bother reviewing to be totally honest. I think it's safe to say that this game along with 5 others are the only ones literally worth writing about. I do hate to sound like a negatron but that is the reality with Playstation Mobile at the moment.

The first one I am going to review is Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe. OK for starts. Do we really need another retro arcade shooter on our handhelds? I mean there is already hundreds on Google Play, a small handful that we have even reviewed here on XperiaGamer. Me personally, yes!! I can not get enough of these classic games and I guess it is the first one on PS Mobile store, so if you are a fan of the genre, do please read on.

PSMobile sixty shot1

This is a classic arcade dual stick shooter which offers a survival game mode which lasts for 60 seconds, during which you have to score as much as you can. During each attempt though, you pick up spirals which basically are XP points unlocking different weapons, upgrades and level unlocks. So after playing a good few games, I can now start on level 3 which means that I don't have to waste time on the uneventful stages and get straight into to some action. As well as dual laser guns, short range missiles and bombs with a huge blast radius. There is always something new to unlock which is kind of cool as with all good pick up and play games, it leaves you wanting to just have one more game and another… and another.

This is a pure survival game with a time limit of 60 seconds. Hence the name, if you hadn't guessed already. So you have 60 seconds to shoot as many bad guys as possible, pick up the spirals and enter the portals for harder and harder levels. The higher the levels, the more enemies and the harder to survive but you have more targets to earn more points. So whether or not you go that one more level and risk it, is totally up to you.

PSMobile sixty shot2

It is a perfectly simple game at only 4MB in total size, so you don't need Wi-Fi to download it which can be annoying when you are on the move. Graphics are basic but it doesn't need to be detailed really does it? In fact you have to unlock the colour mode, you actually start off in 'vintage' mode which as well as vintage black and white colours, has a vintage soundtrack which is a bit of a joke. You get to unlock the 'techno' mode after a couple of games which features a cool drum'n'bass track.

I have tried the controls on all of my devices, Xperia T, Xperia PLAY and even the PS Vita too. A bit obvious but the best experience is with the Xperia PLAY and PS Vita. It works well on the virtual gamepad of the Xperia T too. I am a hater of virtual gamepads but the PS Mobile experience seems to have got it working better than any third party efforts I have experienced. As I type, I am on a busy train on my way into London and I keep picking up this game and playing it on my T, it works good. The official demo video shows only 8 way shooting and movement but the version on Playstation Mobile does give you full 360 degree movement (well kind of).

Whilst sixty second shooter may not be offering you anything different or will it win awards for being original. It is a cute Arcade shooter for little disk space and cost, which promises to fill up those short little gaming moments, whatever your tastes in gaming may be. An essential title to have on your Playstation Mobile library, even if it is just to waste time whilst you wait for that 1.5GB HD title to download.

score 7


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