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Rebel - Review

Written by Barry G. Posted in Reviews

PSMobile Rebel

Rebel out now on Sony's new PlayStation Mobile Platform

This is easily one of the better games on the PS Mobile line up so far and if I was to be honest, it is one of my favourites and I do find myself playing it loads.  But why you ask?  Well it's one of those simple concept games where every time you play you want to better your high score over and over.  When you die, you want just one more go to try and top it.


You take control of an escapee from prison and you have to run away from the law and dodge their short sited military police unit as they try and capture you.  You don't even have any weapons as such, you literally are just running around dodging bullets, missiles, rockets, machine gun fire and jeeps.  As you run around, you pick up gem stones to build up your score and stash, the stash you can use to buy new jumpsuits and game modes.  As you have no weapons, the only way you can destroy them is by influencing their firepower into one of the other enemies.  Which after a minute of gameplay is very hard actually.

PSMobile Rebel screenshot3PSMobile Rebel Screenshot4

If you build up your stash cash, you can buy some extra power ups like running fast, extra blast resistance & reflecting firepower.  Boom!  Such a simple concept but I love it and enjoying it so much.  Not as a long term epic campaign game, which there is none of on the PS Mobile store, but as a pick up and play for 10 minutes whilst waiting for your girlfiend's TV program to finish.  The sound effects and soundtrack are not too bad either.  You can either play using the touchscreen controls which are ok, the motion control which is... I'd rather not say and of course controller support.  When PS Mobile games refer to controller support they mean both the Xperia PLAY and the Playstation Vita.  I play on both of them and it rocks!! :D

The whole package for less than £2 is a bit of a bargain to be honest, I have paid more for games on Google Play and had less enjoyment from them.  If there is a few games you try out on the PS Mobile store, this is definitely one of them.

Check out more info and screens here!!

score 8