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Prince of Persia Classic - Review

Written by Barry G. Posted in Reviews

Games PrinceofPersiaClassic

Classic Prince of Persia up for Review!!

My first impressions of the new improved 3D graphics on this game actually were not that positive.  I thought it looked cheap and nasty, like a dodgy third party effort.  However when I started to play the game, I was truly impressed with how they have worked with the 3D modelling.  For instance the moment when you cling for dear life on a platform edge and you (the character) are physically struggling to hold on whilst looking down at the deadly spikes below you, it's an impressively accurate moment creating true fear.  Then you will find some newly worked video sequences for illustrating the storyline which again, I am unsure of but some of you may love.

The original gameplay has not changed at all, which is a major positive.  You can easily destroy a classic by trying to be too clever but PoP has been done well, they have clearly thought about it in some detail.  Have a look below and you will see the difference between retro and modern day classic.  

GAmes princeofpersia retroshotGames PrinceofPersiaclassic screengrab

As well as the traditional game mode, you do have some other modes to try like Time attack and Survival. These modes are the same game but you either have to complete in 60 minutes or without dying.  I guess there is nothign wrong with a little challenge, eh?!

This game is fully optimised for the Xperia PLAY gamepad and even gets rid of the onscreen touch controls.  Unfortunately though, this same optimisation, hasn't been included for the use of USB gamepads.  Instead you will find that none of the action buttons work and you can only walk really slowly.  This is a shame as there is so many devices and controllers coming out now for Android gamers.

For those of you that have not played this game before it is amazing.  A good old fashioned platformer adventure with plenty of puzzles, dead ends and booby traps.  If you loved at some stage either Zelda, Pitful or Another World, then I definitely recommend you blow the dust of this old classic.  If you are too young to remember this game, please don't judge it against the Disney movie as that was just rubbish.  Can I give this game a solid 10 for just being an amazing classic that's already proved it's charm?  No... why not?  Oh ok, I guess there is room for improvement on the controls and after all this time, they could have cooked up something extra for us fans.  I'll go with an 8 out of 10. Click here to grab yourself a copy!!

score 8