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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering - Review

Written by Barry G. Posted in Reviews


New aged RPG Juggernaunt: Revenge of Sovering

One thing the Android platform is not know for is its lack of role playing games. There are a few great games out in the big wide world of smartphone gaming like the classic Final Fantasy series, but on your tiny pocket screens does turn based combat really turn you on? with its constant text menu flicking, with long lists of spells that your finger does not quite get right the first time?

Well Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering brings a new way of thinking to the touchscreen RPG genre in the form of gesture swiping combat. Simply remember the image of the spell or move you want and replicate it by swiping (draw the image) on-screen during the battles to activate your turn based move. Now this feature makes for a more intresting way of fighting as you dont need to leave the action for boring info screens and can enjoy those great 3D graphics even more.

Touch-Juggernaut-R-O-S-2   Touch-Juggernaut-R-O-S-4

As for gameplay this game does not disappoint too much, graphics are stunning and there is lots to do with over 30 hours + worth of demon slaying goodness. It has a nice array of foes to contest with and is very combat focused which leads us to its only downfull, the story line does not really exist. RPG's are all about story lines that get you hooked into over the many hours you spend with it and for us here at Xperia Gamer this is a big no no, we see this title more as a strung out hack and slash fighter which aint a bad thing but not up to everyone's taste. The game is now out for our Xperia products so give it a go as its free to start but watch out for the in app purchase's as you could be spending too much of your hard earned cash on trying to complete it in full. 

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score 7 

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