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Asteroids 2012 3D - Review

Written by Barry G. Posted in Reviews

Games Asteroids3D

Asteroids 2012 3D is modern take on the arcade classic but will it please pixel junkies & modern gamers alike?

This is not an official remake of the classic Atari game Asteroids, although it implies successfully to the classic arcade concept.  Yes you have to destroy the space rocks, on top of taking down alien ships that might try and destract your efforts at clearing level after level of asteroid waste.  Which sounds directly like the classic, but the whole control system and 3D environment is totally different.

I personally feel that this arcade game has a simulator feel to it, just the way it feels to fly and how the physics of the game have been designed.  That is no means a criticism, its just more realistic than I expected it to be like.  Arcade games have usually exaggerated action, explosions and sound effects.  Asteroids 2012 3D delivers all of these very realistically.  Then once you get past this and start to play, that is when you find the arcade genre starts to kick in.

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The game is a survival mode, not a campaign or theatrical series of events to partake in but just a simple pick up and play survival and at the end you will have a top score.  When connected to the internet it will even automatically display your ranking on the global leader board and give you the option to post.  Can you resist the temptation to post your name as ASS?  Well if your name is Fry, then probably not.  We are listed on there currently on a miserable 89th.  Although if you watch our YouTube video, you will see that I managed a healthy 56th place btu forgot to post to the leader board (facepalm).  This competitive leader board system is my favourite feature of this game and just makes it so much better.  Do you want to play for another 20 minutes and beat your previous score?  Hells Yeah!!!!

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The graphics on this game are especially breathtaking with brilliant 3D modelling and rendering that makes everything from the rocks, the ships and even the far galaxy in the distance just look outstanding.  The Unity engine is used in this title, which is well known for delivering fantastic detail even on the hardware limitations of the Xperia PLAY device.  I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to space and I love the visualizations that have been put in to this.  It kinda makes me want to see more locations in this game?  Maybe ther should be more portals to new areas.

My only criticism to this title is that perhaps it is lacking a little bit more action.  With all great pick up and play survival games, it gets hard within ten minutes or so and that urge to just increase your top score becomes a real challenge.  The enemy fighters for example, don't seem to engage fighting with you unless you chase them.  I also thought I would have seen more enemies as the levels increase but there is just more of the same old fighters.  Either that or I am not understanding them that well.

However, let me finish off this review by saying one thing.  The developer of this game is constantly improving it and working hard to make this game even better.  There is updates coming out every month with new elements and changes.  If you don't believe us then have a read of some of the comments by others on the Google Play store page.  In fact, XperiaGamer's own ModFather played a huge part in making this game worked on the Xperia PLAY gamepad.  That is why you will see our name on the about page and yes, we are dead chuffed with this achievement. 

Asteroids 2012 3D is a super slick space shooter that has found the right balance of classic arcade action & modern performance.

score 8