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Written by Barry G. Posted in Portables


The WonderSwan is a Japanese handheld game console released by Bandai in 1999. It was developed by the late Gunpei Yokoi's company Koto and Bandai. The WonderSwan was made to compete with the Neo Geo Pocket Color and the market leader Nintendo Game Boy Color. It was later replaced by the WonderSwan Color released on December 30, 2000 in Japan. The original had only a black and white screen. Although the WonderSwan Color was slightly larger and heavier compared to the original WonderSwan, the color version featured 512K of RAM and a larger color LCD screen. In addition, the Color is compatible with the original WonderSwan library of games.They were available in ten case colors, playable both vertically and horizontally, and features a fairly large library of games. For being a console designed essentially for the Japanese market, most of the games are in Japanese, with only a few featuring English text.

We have tested the WonderSwan emulator available on the market.

Wonderdroid [available on android market for free Download link] stars_Rating_3

This is the only emulator at the moment for the Wonderswan, I guess it is a pretty niche device after all.  It does play good but there is plenty of room for improvment.