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Nintendo DS

Written by Barry G. Posted in Portables



The Nintendo DS is one of the latest handheld consoles in Nintendo’s portfolio, the Nintendo DS (Dual Screen) released November 21st 2004 in North America at a price of US $149 followed by a Japanese release of 2nd December 2004, and it had its UK release on 19th March 2005. Features include a number of ground breaking innovations such as dual 3 inch screens and voice recognition capabilities plus the ability to play multiplayer over a Wi-Fi network. Technically, the NDS is rather impressive for a handheld, but probably not quite as good as Sony's PSP when it comes to graphics. It features 16-channel sound and 3D graphics that surpass the quality of Nintendo 64. This isn't the first time Nintendo has used dual screens in a handheld. Some of their Game & Watch releases came with dual screens. But back in the 1980s, when they were released, no-one could have imagined how far technology would advance over the next 20 years.

We have tested the Nintendo DS android emulators available.


Available for £1.27 on Google Market first Nintendo DS emulator for Android with a dynarec but still work in progress as runs very slow

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Available on Google Market for free, Very good developer and he has added sound and key mappings (great for Xperia Play) but still work in progress as runs very slow

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