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Sega began work on their 8-bit portable in 1989 after Nintendo's GameBoy was released. their goal was to make a portable superior to Nintendo's. On 6th October 1990 it was released in Japan, in 1991 it was released in the US and in 1992 it was released in Europe and Australia. The Game Gear is basically a portable Master System, the only major difference being a larger colour palette. It is far superior to the Nintendo GameBoy, with its colour screen and TV tuner accessory. While the Game Gear never came close to taking away the Gameboy’s dominance in the handheld market, it still did better than any other portables that tried to compete with GameBoy. Sega supported the console up until 1997.
Below is the best GameGear emulators that we have come across, some are available on Android and some are not.

Gearoid [used to on market but was taken off find it free on slideme.comstars_Rating_4                               
The most popular one we have come across.  It plays Master system games as well and appears to be stable enough to play a good session.

DroidGear [available on market free] stars_Rating_3
Not bad for free but strangely it doesn't have it's own file manager built in, so you have to install something like Astro to get it working.  how bizarre?!

Gearator [available on android market priced £1.29] stars_Rating_3                                     
Very similar to Gearoid, even the ability to play Master System games.  However it does appear to have a few screen issues as we get some flickering sometimes.