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Atari Lynx

Written by Barry G. Posted in Portables

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The Atari Lynx was released around the same time as Nintendo's gameboy in late 1989, this was the first real portable colour games console that sadly lacked its competitor's quility titles and famous masgot. The Lynx was often mistaken for a 16-bit system It's actually more like a PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16. It does not have a 16-bit main CPU like you'd find in true 16-bit consoles like Sega Mega Drive/Genesis or Nintendo Super NES/Super Famicom, however, it does have other 16-bit co-processors, which you won't find in other 8-bit systems (like Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom or Sega Master System/SG-1000 Mark III, or a more appropriate comparison may be the Nintendo GameBoy or Sega Game Gear). Another thing to note about the Lynx is its capability of being played upside down. There are two sets of A and B buttons so you may turn the system around to use the controls on opposite hands. The screen display can be flipped the other way around at the touch of a button. Now play the first ever colour screen portable within your android device.


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