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Rock Boshers DX

Written by Mod Father. Posted in PlayStation Mobile

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  • Developer: Tikipod Limited
  • Genre: Arcade/Retro
  • Online: no
  • Multiplayer: no
  • Price: £2.19
  • File Size: 39MB Download
  • Compatibility:

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Get ready to take a trip back to the 80s, the 1880s! Victorian explorers are heading to Mars, seeking fortune and adventure, what could possibly go wrong...?

Created to look, feel and sound like a ZX Spectrum styled videogame from the 1980s. Rock Boshers DX mixes top down and side on 8-way directional shooting action. See amazing sights as you journey across Mars, drawn from an eye popping palette of 15 colours. Prepare to bosh rocks with only the occasional break for tea and scones!

Now available on PlayStation Mobile for Android!!

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