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Written by Barry G. Posted in PlayStation Mobile

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 PSMobile Rebel

  • Developer: Pom Pom Software Ltd
  • Genre: Action
  • Online: no
  • Multiplayer: no
  • Price: £1.59
  • File Size: 28MB Download
  • Compatibility:

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Being a prisoner of war sucks.  But sometimes, just sometimes, your enemy is just stupid enough to let you escape.  Armed to the teeth with no weapons whatsoever, how will you evade your captors?  Impossible maybe?  Not when your enemy is as dimwitted as this mob!  Dodge and weave the incoming barrage.  Draw their fire causing them to destroy themselves.  Help them work their way through their whole army.  Helicopters.  Tanks.  Turrets.  All perfectly suited to blowing each other up.  Revenge has never been sweeter!

Now Available on PlayStation Mobile for Android!

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PSMobile Rebel screenshot

PSMobile Rebel screenshot2

PSMobile Rebel screenshot3

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