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  • Developer: Ripstone LTD.
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Online: no
  • Multiplayer: no
  • Price: £1.59
  • File Size: 83MB Download
  • Compatibility

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The ever-talented ThumbsUp and Green Hill have joined forces and created a monster....Panic! Agiant alien slime monster has landed and is attacking the city! Can you prevent the slimey chaos and save the day?

Panic! Is a unique top-down action puzzler exclusive to PlayStation Mobile, requiring quick thinking and super-fast-slime-stopping reflexes. Divert slime and protect survivors by toppling houses and creating road blocks. But be careful - the slime gains momentum! If you're fast enough, you can drop bombs and throw buoys to save those about to be swallowed, but if you're not - slime is imminent!

Now available on PlayStation Mobile for certified Android's!!

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