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Alien Breed

Written by Mod Father. Posted in PlayStation Mobile

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  • Developer - Team 17
  • Genre - Shooter
  • Multiplayer - NO
  • Online - No
  • Price - £3.19
  • Move to SD - Yes
  • Disk size - 56

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The original Alien Breed is back in action, celebrating its 21st Anniversary!

Alien Breed is the classic sci-fi, top-down shooter developed by Team17. Launching originally in 1991, Alien Breed has now been remade for PlayStation Mobile, which can only mean one thing... it's time to turn down the lights, turn up the sounds and encounter Alien Breed again!


  • Classic Mode - Play using the original graphics, music and controls.
  • Enhanced Mode - Featuring enhanced graphics, audio and controls.
  • 8 New Levels - entirely new levels that intersect with the original Alien Breed story
  • 6 original Alien Breed levels
  • 12 Alien Breed Special Edition levels
  • Gametel and iCade support

Now available on PlayStation Mobile for certified devices!!

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