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Destruction Derby

Written by Barry G. Posted in PlayStation Mobile

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Developer: SCEE
Genre: Racing
Online: No
Multiplayer: No
Released: 1/5/2011
Price: £3.99 GBP
Move to SD: Yes
File Size: 600MB

Compatible: Xperia PLAY

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I have fond memories of the Destruction Derby series, was one of my faves on the old PS1.  I vaguely remember renting this game from Blockbuster and playing it for a weekend non stop.  So when this title was added to the Xperia PLAY selection of titles I downloaded it straight away.  There is something amazingly satisfying about seeing that load up screen from Playstation... so retro now.  The clunky usermenu of this game is funny to see again, with the big panes of text floating down and up. The awful compression of the commentary... these are very enjoyable in a laugh at the 90's way. 

Unfortunately I don't think this is a classic that has aged well at all.  The graphics are very very basic for even the original Playstation with the cars, the tracks and the background looking incredibly pixelated.  Just to add to that, I find it incredibly hard to PLAY.  I am certain the original wasn't this tough to play... or was it? I mean just trying to to take corners of the incredibly basic tracks is tough enough... then you have to handle the suicidal drivers of the other cars.  Like I enjoy a challenge but after 15 laps of a loop and you have so little control of being smashed about it does get a little boring.

Coming to think about it, I remember now.  It was never DD that I loved and played over and over, it was infact the sequal.  All of the negatives that I found above is what I faced back in 1995 and all of them were improved in Destruction Derby, which is why that versin was so kick ass!  Better graphics, better tracks and much better music too.  Hurry up and get the sequal out Sony.


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