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Crash Bandicoot

Written by Barry G. Posted in PlayStation Mobile

User Rating:  / 423


Developer: Naughty Dog
Genre: Platform/Arcade
Online: No
Multiplayer: No
Price: Free
Move to SD: Yes
Availability: Pre-loaded on PS Certified device in selected territories
Compatible: Xperia PLAY, Tablet S, Xperia Touch Devices


Nintendo has Mario, Sega have Sonic and Sony have Crash Bandicoot.  This game is iconic to the birth of Playstation and one of the most recognisable classics from all ages.  Crash Bandicoot is a revolutionary 3D platform game full of all ofthe classic platform game elements.  The evil Doctor Neo Vortex is disturbing the peacefull life in the Wumpa islands and it's up to Crash to travel the mountains and take him down.


So this was a flagship title for the Playstation One, establishing Crash Bandicoot as an iconic figure for the Playstation and capturing the hearts of a whole generation of gamers.  Whats it like to get a fresh squeeze of life in this classic game?

So this review isn't as exciting for the simple fact that this game does come for free with the Xperia PLAY here in Europe but you can't deny that it is an awesome game and despite what a lot of others say, it has aged very well!  Graphically it's not as polished as maybe older gamers will remember as when it came out, it was very advanced.  Where as now, even a feature phone is capable of more polygons.  But its the game play that has aged well.  The simple dynamics of a platform game; left, right, jump!  Get the timing wrong and you are dead!

The simple fact about Crash Bandicoot is that it is an incredibly difficult game and you come to some levels that you physically get stuck on for days.  Even me, now as I am writting this... I am stuck on the level before the last and I've been there for a good few days.

The Playstation Pocket is the best emulator you can get for the Playstation and there is no bugs what so ever that I have encountered in Crash Bandicoot.  Let's just hope that Sony pull their finger out an get some more games added to the Android Market.



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