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Dreamcast Collection

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Developer: Sega
Genre: Arcade
Online: No
Multiplayer: No
Released: 17/2/2012
Price: Part of Play Pack (6.99 a month)
Move to SD: Yes

Classic Dreamcast titles by Sega are now available for OnLive gamers to play.  What's great, is that they are available in the Play Pack too so if (like us) you have paid the £6.99 a month for this package then you get to play them for free.

Sonic DX  -                                          Crazy Taxi -   

Button Onlive instantplay flat                                  Button Onlive instantplay flat

Space Channel 5 -                            Sega Sea Bass Fishing -

Button Onlive instantplay flat                                  Button Onlive instantplay flat


About -

This includes pack contains some amazing titles such as; Sonic Adventure DX, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5 & Sega Sea Bass Fishing.  Ok I am unsure who is actually going to play the Sea Bass Fishing one but there is no doubt that Crazi Taxi is going to be overplayed once again.  We are positive that more Dreamcast classics will be added in the future too.



What is Play Pack?

Play Pack is a bundle of games that you can play for free when you pay a £6.99 monthly subscription.  It doesn't include the most up to date titles but includes some great titles and essential classics.  Titles such as Lego Batman, Hitman, Fallout & Tomb Raider will be found in there.  This subscription package is highly recommended for newbies to OnLive and especially Xperia PLAY owners.


Dreamcast Collection Onlive Trailer - 

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