Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe - Review

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PSMobile sixty

Retro arcade shooter that promises to fill 60 seconds with Playstation Mobile magic

There isn't many Playstation Mobile games that I would bother reviewing to be totally honest. I think it's safe to say that this game along with 5 others are the only ones literally worth writing about. I do hate to sound like a negatron but that is the reality with Playstation Mobile at the moment.

SteelSeries Free - Review

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Reviews SteelSeriesFree

The SteelSeries Free arrives in our post box, we crack it open and take it for a spin

SteelSeries are a premium gaming peripherals maker, everything from first person shooter pads, arcade sticks and pc gamer keyboards. Now they have decided to cut into the mobile gaming world of Smart Phone and tablet users and here is their Free gamepad.

Asteroids 2012 3D - Review

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Games Asteroids3D

Asteroids 2012 3D is modern take on the arcade classic but will it please pixel junkies & modern gamers alike?

This is not an official remake of the classic Atari game Asteroids, although it implies successfully to the classic arcade concept.  Yes you have to destroy the space rocks, on top of taking down alien ships that might try and destract your efforts at clearing level after level of asteroid waste.  Which sounds directly like the classic, but the whole control system and 3D environment is totally different.

Rebel - Review

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PSMobile Rebel

Rebel out now on Sony's new PlayStation Mobile Platform

This is easily one of the better games on the PS Mobile line up so far and if I was to be honest, it is one of my favourites and I do find myself playing it loads.  But why you ask?  Well it's one of those simple concept games where every time you play you want to better your high score over and over.  When you die, you want just one more go to try and top it.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering - Review

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New aged RPG Juggernaunt: Revenge of Sovering

One thing the Android platform is not know for is its lack of role playing games. There are a few great games out in the big wide world of smartphone gaming like the classic Final Fantasy series, but on your tiny pocket screens does turn based combat really turn you on? with its constant text menu flicking, with long lists of spells that your finger does not quite get right the first time?