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PSXperia converter

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Play any PSX game on the playstation portable app for Xperia Play.

About Psxperia

PSXperia coverter made by yifanlu is a usefull tool for turning ps1 game roms/iso's (copys of ps1 game disks) into apps to be then playable on sonys playstation portable application built into sony ericssons xperia play and sony compatable tablet's with crashbandicoot pre-installed.

This tool will take a PSX image that you legally own and convert it to be playable on the Xperia Play or Sony tablet S with the emulator extracted from the packaged game "Crash Bandicoot." If you just want to use the tool, make sure you have Java installed and downloaded the right Psxperia tool . Open "PSXperiaTool.jar" or the helper script ("psxperiatool-gui" or "psxperiatool-gui-windows.bat") if you cannot open .jar files. You can also use the helper scripts "psxperiatool" and "psxperiatool-windows.bat" from the command line for command line mode. After converting, in the output folder that you selected, you'll find an APK file and a "data" folder. Install the APK on your Xperia Play phone and merge the "data" folder with "Android/data" on the SD card of your phone.

For detailed directions, check out the wiki:


Converters available for download 

Psxperia version 1  =  This version is to be used when you are on Sony Ericsson Xperia Play software version 2.3.2 and 2.3.3. 

Psxperia version 2  =  For people on 2.3.4 Xperia Play software or with Sony Tablet S. you will need the new as sony updated playstation portable and the games in this update. 

To run this you must install java runtime or allready have on your pc.


  DOWNLOAD LINK - PSXperia both versions


update = yifanlu has stop work on this so you will only be able to use on playstation suite for sony software 2.3.2 , 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 or Tablet S. But he has released the source for others to carry on his work.


screenshots menu Xperia play -


screenshots gran turismo in game Xperia play -


screenshots game menus and controlls-