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Playstation Store for Xperia PLAY

Written by Barry G. Posted in Gaming


Download Playstation games directly from the original Playstation store.

So for the first ten months of the Xperia PLAY's life, all of the Playstation classics have been available through Android market.  Sony never had any intention of this being a long term process but just a short term fix, until the official PS Store and Playstation Suite was released.  Officially neither of these services are available through their stock software packages, but believe us... the Playstation store for Xperia PLAY is open.

We have had access to the store since back in November and we have been using our own personal PSN accounts, the same we use with our PS3's, PSP's and Sony Tablet S.  In fact all of the games we download for our Tablet S, are then stored on our accounts to download onto our PLAY's just like with Android Market.  Sony knows we are downloading these games and have not blocked us, so after 3 months... I think it's safe to promote to you guys to try out.

So installing the PS Store is as easy as downloading an APK and opening.  It really is that easy!  Not some dodgy cracked APK from some random developer either, this is the real deal and the link we have posted below, is from the official Playstation site.  So you have no need to worry about any piracy nasties.  It does make us wonder though, why the hell Sony haven't officially released it yet and promoting it?  Perhaps there is something bigger on the horizon which we don't know about yet.  Intriging thoughts.

Official Downloads Here -

Note = You must be updated to Sony software version 2.3.4. before installing. Sorry to the R800X users out there this is still not available for you just yet.


If you download the new Pocket app apk, you can see the PS Store is integrated into this too.  The family resemblance to the original Playstation store is unmistakeable.  But is this the proper Playstation Suite yet to be launched?


Now you have the store. Why don't you check out our list of available games and reviews in our PSC Games section.