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Playstation Suite for ICS / Gingerbread Arc'S/Neo'V

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Full Working Playstation Suite for Xperia Arc/S or Neo/V on android version 2.3.4 and above - how to get them NOW

Sony have now released the new versions of the playstation suite apps for playstation certified divices in japan. Now All Xperia Playstaion Certified devices can have them as well (this is generic and can be used anywhere in the world). You can install these apps on Playstation certified device from the 2011 range with stock Sony Ericsson OS software versions 2.3.4. This will install on your phones even without root accses as you are Playstation Certified but as the sevice has not been released over here JUST YET for Arc/S or Neo/V officially so you will get an error code when try to play any games or open ps store. But for now non-root users you can check out the menus and see what will be like and wait till they turn it on for your device. 





Now fully working on Rooted Xperia Arc/S and Neo/V , Here's How!!

Get the Playstation suite fully working to buy and play games

Its not official anywhere except Japan but you can check out the Playstation Suite/Store in either Japanese or English Now fully and buy and play games if change your device names in the devices system build.prop as pictured below to a PlayStation supported device and then your reboot device. Then Playstation will work, Playstation Store games in the UK (English) store and Japan (Japanese) store are available so far. Any titles you now buy on your psn accounts will now pop up in the playstation suite and will be fully playable with touch screen controls and you can also use a ps3 pad with live dock if have them.

How to set up -

Step 1

 If your device does not let you install PlayStation apks normally Flash this zip in recovery to install all that you need. Make sure you backup first. It contains the Lets get Playstation downloader and the correct Permissions and Framework for it to work.

       Button Download flat

Step 2

 To be able to get into the store on your non supported device, you will need to change your buildprop file in system folder on Root of device using root explorer or something to look like these screenshots below. Any model number listed under final properties section on build prop needs to be changed to a PlayStation Supported device listed below to be able to accses the PlayStation store's.

 Using model number R800i - After a little testing it seams if you use the R800i (Xperia Play) as your model it will have on-screen controls off as the default. To counter this please either while in game press menu and turn them on in the controller settings (Note- this needs to be done in each game). Or just use a model number from a touch only device (e.g Xperia S) to change the default. Using the Xperia Play as a model number you will have a few games available to you which where not made with Onscreen controls, if you do want to play them you will need to use something like Sonys live dock or a low powered controller with an OTG cable to be able to control.

 Games without Onscreen controls -

  •  Crash Bandicoot
  •  Loco-Roco japan
  •  G-Police


Current excepted device's please use 1 of these model numbers =

 Japan and UK stores open

  • Xperia™ arc, ( SO-01C )
  • Xperia™ acro, ( SO-02C )
  • Xperia™ PLAY, ( R800i or SO-01D )
  • Xperia™ NX, ( SO-02D )
  • Xperia™ acro HD, ( SO-03D )


United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia stores open

  • Xperia™ S, ( LT26i )


Screen shot from Arc LT15i before and after - 

build_.prop_pic_arc_before   arc_build_edited

Step 3

 Reboot device for the changes to take effect and then should be able to shop.

 Note = You mite have 1 error message first time starting playstation store but try again and will work. Any game optimized for Tablet S or Xperia S works with Arc/S or Neo/V. Make sure it is before buying as some games (g-police) is only for xperia play controls.



Screen shots Fully working Xperia Arc Lt15 -



If need anymore help please see are XDA PlayStation Thread for answers and fixes HERE