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SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller

Written by Barry G. Posted in Game Pads

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The SteelSeries FREE Mobile Gaming Controller is the world’s lightest, wireless gaming controller that brings the functionality of a classic controller to your Smartphone and tablet devices.


£64.99 RRP
Native Android USB GamePad
Apple iOS Devices
Windows PC
Mac OS
Battery Life
10 Hours
54 grams

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About SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller

The SteelSeries FREE is designed for video games that require players to have more precision and control than on-screen touch controls may offer (ex. Angry Birds is made for swiping, but for games like GrandTheftAuto III,Shadowgun and RipTide, a controller will give players a better, more controlled experience). - For PC and Mac users, the SteelSeries FREE provides controller functionality on all games titles that allow for controller functionality. - For Android devices and iDevice’s such as iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, the SteelSeries FREE can be used with a roster of classic video game titles. Pair and Play. - The SteelSeries FREE was created to give consumers a better experience when playing their favorite video games on a mobile device. The set-up process is easy. Users simply turn it on, pair it with their mobile device, and play. - In true SteelSeries fashion, we also provide users with SteelSeries Engine software, which gives users the option to remap the buttons and configure the controller to their liking.

What is included in the box?

  • SteelSeries Free Controller
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Nylon Carry Pouch
  • Product Guides

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