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Sony DualShock 3 Wireless Controller

Written by Barry G. Posted in Game Pads

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The Dualshock 3 wireless controller for the PlayStation 3 system provides the most intuitive game play experience with pressure sensors in each action button and the inclusion of the highly sensitive SIXAXISTM motion sensing technology. Each hit, crash and explosion is more realistic when the user feels the rumble right in the palm of their hand.

Sony Playstation
£34.99 RRP
Native Android GamePad via USB OTG
Bluetooth for Sony Tablets
Android phones Bluetooth via Rooted users
Battery Life
192 grams

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About DualShock3 Wireless Controller

Announced at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, the DualShock 3 Wireless Controller is a gamepad made for the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console. It features Sixaxis technology (motion controls) with the haptic feedback capabilities of its predecessor, Sony's dualshock controllers 1 and 2. Put this along side with Wireless Bluetooth support and you end up with a mean piece of kit. 

The famous game pad has been made available in many colors: black, satin silver, ceramic white, classic white, metallic blue, deep red, pink, jungle green, candy blue (light blue), urban camouflage (three-color digital camouflage) and cosmic blue (transparent blue). The original DualShock controller was given an Emmy Award for "Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of Video Game Controllers" by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on January 8, 2007 so you know this controller is one of the best of the best.

Android - 

For a while now people with Root have been able to use there playstation 3 dual shock controller's with there Android devices thanks to the Sixaxis Controller app available on the Android market. Sony eventually cottons on to this concept and applied it to their own Android products.

sony-tablet-s plus a ps3 pad

Sony's Tablet S was the first product to incorporate the Dual shock 3 controller support. In a software update people were now able to link the controller without root and without an extra add on app to play the playstation certified games inbuilt to the gaming tablet wirelessly. 

Since then Sony has also come up with the Sony Ericsson Live Dock accessory which you can plug your controller via a cable to your Xperia phone. This means you can now connect your game pad to your phone then your phone to a TV (HDMI) for that real console feel.

Sony Ericsson Accesory LiveDock 1