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Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe - Review

Retro arcade shooter that promises to fill 60 seconds with Playstation Mobile magic

There isn't many Playstation Mobile games that I would bother reviewing to be totally honest. I think it's safe to say that this game along with 5 others are the only ones literally worth writing about. I do hate to sound like a negatron but that is the reality with Playstation Mobile at the moment.


SteelSeries Free - Review

The SteelSeries Free arrives in our post box, we crack it open and take it for a spin

SteelSeries are a premium gaming peripherals maker, everything from first person shooter pads, arcade sticks and pc gamer keyboards. Now they have decided to cut into the mobile gaming world of Smart Phone and tablet users and here is their Free gamepad.


Super Monkey Ball 2


Super monkey ball 2 maybe coming for Xperia Play!


Let’s roll! Join Aiai and his primate pals in their ongoing quest for bananas, in a game that delivers puzzling perfection. Supermonkey ball is a classic Sega game and now we hear news directly from Sony's VIP portal about it coming to the Xperia Play and we cant wait. We here at Xperiagamer have been following this close because the japan market have been promised monkey ball a while back.  We never thought it would come over here to the rest of us, but now we can say it has a very good chance of making it to your handset in english.

We used to play this game religiously on the Nintendo GameCube back in the day, so we are hoping as well as the 1 player puzzle mode, there will be the classic party games like; Monkey fight, Monkey Tennis, Monkey Bowling and even Monkey Target.  We are very hopeful because the iOS version has these features and of course, this will probably be a direct port across from Sega of America.  Now this is where I get controversial, because... I have played the iOS version using accellerometer and I think its rubbish.  This game was always at home with a controller and that's why it will be awesome to have on the Xperia PLAY.  So so so, excited to have Monkey Target on my PLAY.  In the words of AiAi... Ya hoo!!!

Super Monkey Ball 2

Classic Monkey Ball action and the hopes of some mini games too.  Imagine if they also allowed multiplayer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
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