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ShadowGun: Leftover

Written by Barry G. Posted in Game News


So we can confirm with you that Madfinger Games update to the massively impressive ShadowGun game will be indeed optimized and available for the Xperia PLAY. 

The good news came from Madfinger games themselves via our Twitter channel.  The updated game is going to be free to all original owners of the Shadowgun title, although I am not 100% if it's going to be an expansion pack or a seperate game.  Although apparently it will add some extra bits to the original title.


Shadowgun is a massively impressive 3rd Person shooter, taking full advantage of the Xperia PLAY gamepad.  Detailed graphics and gameplay which to be honest puts even PSP games to shame.  One of the real games that make us proud to be Xperia PLAY owners.

Below is the details from their website*:


» The story directly follows the events of original SHADOWGUN
» Free for all original SHADOWGUN owners
» 4 new levels
» New enemy creature
» New gun
» New type of gaming interaction
» New soundtrack
» Lot of new graphics, animations and cutscenes
» New effects such as camera shakes or bullet trails
» New element in the control - Roll (player can now perform rolls)
» Tuned difficulty, weapons and enemies

» Better, more intensive gaming experience

*Information taken from


Did i also mention that it's out sometime this week?  Well indeed, it is coming very very soon dear gamers.  Make sure you download the original beforehand to get some practice in.

Check out our review of Shadowgun for Xperia PLAY.  Or see it on our Youtube channel in the latest Xperia Gamer review.

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