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Sony Ericsson MW600

Written by Barry G. Posted in Gadgets


At the time of writing this, the MW600 is the UK's best selling Stereo Bluetooth headset.  The most multifunctional one too in my opinion; calls, music, online gaming and even a built in FM Radio.

Let's start with the basics, you have an OLED display to show you what's going on, music buttons on the bottom and a touch sensitive scroller at the top for selecting differen functions.  At one end you have the standard micro USB port for charging and then the other a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use whatever headphones you want.

You can be paired to three devices by memory allowing you to seemlessly switch between either a mobile, laptop, tablet, games console or PSP.  It has music controls on the bottom, a touch slider on the top for controller volume and menu input, a microphone for taking calls and a 3.5mm jack at the top so you can plug in whatever headphones you want to use.  The headphone jack really is a great touch just simply because you can then use it as a reciever for a Hi-Fi or a car stereo too.

What I love about this brilliant gadget, is that I use it day in day out for listening to music, taking calls and then when I get home I switch it to my Playstation for a bit of online action on COD.  i find that my battery will last for about a week but in total this equates to (I'm guessing here) about 7-8 hours of music, phone calls and gaming.  But music streaming does use up more energy than just phone calls  so this could easily be increased.  The fact that it also works with Skype on my PLAY for phone calls is just the Icing on the cake.  Oh and sound quality is very good too using the bundled Walkman style earphones.

This amazing headset is currently only £26.60 from Amazon UK at the moment.  Click here for Amazon Link

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