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Sony Ericsson DK300

Written by Barry G. Posted in Gadgets


Such a simple addition to the Xperia PLAY but it offers a lot more than just an attractive dock to charge your phone with.

The DK300 charging dock also has some extra functionality up it sleeve, which to be honest is pretty dahm cool!  As soon as you dock the device into charge, it will automatically bring up an easy to use docking interface.  There is four functions that it gives you easy access to, Alarm Clock, Music & Photo Gallery.  You will also find on the back the Micro USB connection to plug in charger or computer USB and the 3.5mm jack to plug into Hi-Fi. My favourite is the digital photo frame function, so whilst on charge it will browse through your entire camera album in real smooth transitions as a high end photo frame.


Alarm Clock


Photo Frame


Music Player


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