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Written by Barry G. Posted in Gadgets


Sony Ericsson was always incredibly innovative with their accessories throughout their ten years.  The Bluetooth Car, their range of Bluetooth headsets and of course, they pioneered the Bluetooth Watch a long time ago with their classic MBW range.  What's the latest offering like?



The Smart Watch is the latest product from now Sony Mobile which is without a doubt, not just a mobile accessory but a true gadget.  Last year their offering was the LiveView which was the first accessory to use Android market for downloading plug ins and applications.  This included cool functionality like being able to read Facebook updates, emails on your wrist and even controlling the camera and music players.  However it was massively let down by a budget build quality and frankly a lack of thinking behind the actual design for everyday use.  I mean, it's like they never tried using the product.  We bought one and the frikkin thing just fell off the strap, twice a day!  within a week it was battered and looked awful.  I guess you get what you pay for and we picked it up for only £35... so what did we expect really?

So now we have a new version, the Smart Watch.  It will be the first accessory to be branded Sony and frankly as far as I can remember the first ever Sony branded Watch... ever!  However I could be showing my lack of historical knowledge here I am sure, knowledge that I am not going to rectify using Wikipedia.


What do we think?

Well, they seemed to have learned from the mistakes of LiveView and perfected it ready for Smart Watch.  We have seen quite a few YouTube videos now and even got the chance to see it in the flesh at a Sony Event in London.  The short of it is... it's amazing!  Build quality has been hugely improved.  The screen quality is so much nicer too.  But most importantly the interface is a lot more user friendly with a multi touch display.

The Smart Watch isn't available to buy just yet.  We have been told the release date is April 2012 and should cost about £99.99.  It is compatible with all Android devices via Bluetooth using version 2.2 and above.  So as well as working with Sony devices like Xperia PLAY, it can also be used with non Sony devices like Samsung Galaxy, HTC Wildfire or even the Asus Transformer. 

What is very surprising, is how many plug-ins are available for it already... it's not even out yet!  You will be able to read all of your message types; Facebook, Twitter, email, texts and even your weather updates.  In fact their is even some third party plug-ins ready to go including a GMail reader and even a Google Maps display app too.  So when using navigation, the wrist watch will be able to display the directions of the maps software without even taking your phone out of your pocket.  There is even a few YouTube videos showing off an uber cool camera plug in, so your watch shows the viewfinder and being able to take a snap from your wrist.

We look forward to this product coming out, so we can test the crap out of it!  Until then, we can just dream, guess and hope it's as good as everyone makes it out to be.


In Summary

+ Compatible with all Android powered products

+ High quality multi touch OLED display

+ 4-7 Days Battery Life

+ Full messaging readers & Music remote

+ Premium build quality

- Limited wrist straps available

- Not out yet

- LiveView Apps not compatible


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