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Micro Copters were the rage a few years ago and have seem to dominate filling the underneith of Christmas trees ever since.  Now you can control them with your Xperia PLAY with the iHelicopter.

So if you can't quite afford an AR Drone from Parrot, then here is a non bank breaking alternative.  This micro chopper is controlled obviously using your Android Smartphone, or in this case your Xperia PLAY.  You download the app from Market and the on screen controls give you a touch replica of a traditional controller from any micro helicopter. 


None of these remote control apps are Xperia PLAY optimized yet though and I dont understand why!  Everythign from this to the AR drone are just asking for the keys to be mapped to the PLAY pad so why the hell not?  Yes I understand that in the greater scheme of things, us PLAY owners are a small segment of the market in comparison.  But it's the smallest amount of coding possible to optimize the screen presses to the buttons or analogue sticks.  Especially when this controller App is essentially a fancy soundboard.  When you press a button it makes a sound then tells the transmitter what code to send to the aircraft for movement.  Having said that, I would rather see the AR Drone get the PLAY lovin'.

For a rough estimated £30-£40 (wherever you buy from depends) the iHelicopter is a cool gadget and very affordable for it's price.  I do look forward to getting one and giving it a whirl.  From the look of the below video, it is actually very controllable, not one of those ones that just zip around from wall to wall before buzzing to a death.  Oooooh... and what's this!  I've just found one whilst writting this article that fires missles.  GAME ON!


Purchase for UK - Click Here

Purchase for US - Click Here

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