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PLAY Excepts 64GB Micro SD

Written by Barry G. Posted in Gadgets


So if any of you have been curious as to whether the Xperia PLAY can handle a 64GB Micro SD card, well the answer is yes.  If you are tempted to buy one, we'll show you the simple steps to make sure it's the right format. 

Official white papers from Sony Ericsson say that 32GB is the biggest memory card it can handle.  Well it's not because we have a 64GB card here and it feels at home in there.  As you can see below, it gives me a generious 60GB of free space to play with.  So what do you have to do to get this working on your PLAY?  Well the simple answer is you just need to make sure the Sd card is formatted to MS-DOS (FAT32), that is it.  If you are unfamiliar with this name then I shall explain below for you.


FAT32 is a universal format for hard drives, USB disks and memory cards.  It is readable by all operating systems a like, such as; iOS, Windows, Android, Playstation and Linux.  Most of your other disks are probably already this without knowing.  The memory card I used, came out of packaging not formatted to this so I had to change it manually.


64GB Micro SD cards are at the moment roughly £100 ($130), maybe slightly less.  But 6 years ago, this is how much a 256MB card cost.  Memory gets cheaper by the month so if you don't fancy forking out that much yet, just wait a few months.  I have found a few links to purchase, which you will find below.

Click for UK buyers

Click for US buyers

Now if you do want to take this one step further and actually increase your internal storage for Apps, there is a way but you must have a rooted PLAY to be able to do this.




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