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  • Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Genre: Emulators
  • Status: Stable
  • Price: £free
  • Move to SD: Yes
  • Size: 1.3MB  Download
  • Compatibility:
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To get the easiest and best Playstation experience out of your certified device use the Playstation pocket app that comes pre-installed. You’ll see a link on the top right of the app that will take you to the ‘Playstation Store’ where you can purchase a limited selection of Playstation classics. For a full list and reviews see our Playstation certified Section. The benefit of playing games purchased through the Playstation store is that it will require little to no tweaking to get the best quality game. You also get to use those tasty analogue touchpad’s! A draw back is that a lot of the games you want to play, i.e. Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider. Aren’t up on the store YET. If you like the idea of these games appearing on your app list though, then check THIS out! It’s called PSXperia and if you’re willing to put a little time into it then you might want to give it a go!

There is a way to add your own ISO/Roms to the official Playstation Pocket App using PSXperia.  For more information on this click here.

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