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  • Developer: Yong Zhang (yongzh)
  • Genre: Emulators
  • Status: Stable
  • Price: Free
  • Move to SD: Yes
  • Size: 319 kb Download
  • Compatibility:

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About - 

Nesoid is the famous NES/FC emulator for Android.

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Review -

Described from many people as the best NES emulator for the Android System, NesOid has very much to offer to the final user. When run, you can still feel that "Premium", "ad-free" and "Well Programmed" sensation often absent from other free apps, in fact this was not conceived in that way from the author.

This story begins around a year ago, when Yongzh's Google account was pulled out from Play Store, in an unfair way but for a fair reason: many of its creations were based on a no-commercial-use licensed source code. After that, all those incriminated apps were re-released on SlideME, but this time they were free. For us poor final users this just means that we'll need a file manager app to install the emulator and that we'll have to keep an eye on updates by ourselves, assuming that updates will ever came out again. More than a year is passed without further news on this application, and strangely it's the same period that this app was purged from the Market. Just a coincidence?

First Contact

When you tap on the app the first time you run it, it'll take you on an explorer window. Here you must tell to the emu where your NES ROM images are, simple as it seems (Assuming that you have ROMs on your SD card, of course). Tapping on an ".nes" file will start the emulation, that is flawless on my Xplay, apart from a strange slow-mo feeling about the video when a character runs or when a car reaches high speeds. An example? Try Super Mario Bros. . Don't you feel that Mario isn't running as fast as you remember? Don't you think that Goombas are slower than what your memories tell you? That's the feeling I'm talking about. Or, maybe, it's just a feeling and my memory is joking me.

EMU APP nesoid 2

The first thing that any Xperia Play owner should do while running for the first time this app is:
- Disable that annoying on-screen control pad (you can do that just disabling the "virtual keypad" option in "Input settings");
- Map Hardware controls on the "Key Mappings" sub-menu.

It's a pity that it's not possible to map analog touchpads (I know, the original system never had analogue controls) or some of the emulator functions on HW buttons (Have I heard load/save state on L/R?). The only exception to this is represented by turbo buttons, that will make every Track & Field fan really happy.

Special Functions

With this emu you can challenge your friends using a bluetooth controller for the second player (I have tested a Wiimote controller using the free control app on the Store and it works perfectly) or using two devices connected via Bluetooth or Wifi, so you won't need to share your screen. Unkuckily the Wifi connection uses local IPs so every device used must be connected to the same router. No matches against your Japanese friend, dear reader.

You can also take a snapshot while playing a game using the dedicated function in the main menu. I have to tell you that every snap you'll take with this option will be really small and hard to load on the gallery, so I still suggest to use the exclusive Xperia Play function available pressing the power button once, that takes bigger snaps with a decent quality.

If you are a Duck Hunt or Hogan's Alley fan, you'll be happy to know that NESoid supports NES Zapper emulation. To use it, you must disable the on-screen control pad (If you have an Xperia Play and you've followed my instructions on "First Contact", go ahead) and enable the Zapper in the "2nd input device" submenu. The Zapper aims and shoots where your finger touches the screen, or at least it should act like that, in fact it's not always that accurate. If you use an XPlay, I suggest you to lock the game screen orientation on "Landscape", so you can close the HW gamepad and play the game as you're using an only touch smartphone.

Do you love to listen to NES games' music? There's a function that will help you and it's not listed on the author's website: There are special ".nsf" files (NES music files) available on the net for almost every NES game; they are useful and not copyrighted AFAIK, but Nesoid seems to not support them if they use their native extension. To make them work, just rename the extension in ".nes". Now you can listen to your favourite soundtrack without problems!

Final Thoughts

Yongzh created a good product if you ask me. This program is complete, runs almost every NES game ever created (Games with "difficult" mappers, like 163 i.e. Final Fantasy VII won't work) with full speed, aside from that "impression" I've underlined in the "First Contact" chapter. Plus, this app has some features like online play that are absent on free and even on paid competitors. You won't regret to use this emulator, I can assure you.

score 9


Very good compatibility, full emulation speed
There are some great exclusive functions
Supports Xperia Play HW gamepad (Analogues aren't supported, but NES never had them)


Online play is just between local IPs
The Zapper isn't that accurate
Some games seem to run slower than you could remember them (And it's not a PAL vs NTSC issue)

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