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Written by Barry G. Posted in Emu-Review


  • Developer: Yongzh
  • Genre: Emulators
  • Status: Stable
  • Price: £3.99
  • Move to SD: Yes
  • Size: 1.3MB  Download
  • Compatibility:
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N64oid is without a doubt the most supported N64 emulator for Android. Constant updates and fixes to ensure the best compatibility on your Android device. These are essential, especially with the N64 games as they are so powerful. Even now you might find that some games are still not perfect, take Goldeneye for example. One of the greatest games for the N64 and it's probably the most buggy game to try out. N64oid has already got updates to tweak the performance of this game. Why does it need these? Well at the moment, smart phones are just not powerful enough to perfectly play these games with their hardware. The N64 is the current stepping stone for performance and even with dual core and quad core devices, it just still isn't enough juice to emulate these titles perfectly.

N64oid is the best though for performance. You will see listed on the download page are updates that have been fixed for solving individual errors and bugs on games. As this game isn't available on Google PLAY, you will have to check for updates manually from the download site

There is even support for Xperia PLAY controls in this emulator too. You won't have to even key map the buttons as the app will automatically read them and away you go. When the Ice Cream Sandwich update comes out too, there is even support for the analogue touch pas to use as the analogue sticks. However this is only with ICS and sadly not with Gingerbread like Mupen64. It will pop up in the Xperia PLAY Launcher too, nice little touch.

score 8


Best performance

Best compatibility

Xperia PLAY Optimised


Not on Google Store

Analogue touch pad with ICS only

Button Download flat

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