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Mupen64 AE

Written by Barry G. Posted in Emu-Review

  • Developer: Paul Lamb
  • Status: Stable
  • Price: £0.69
  • Move to SD: Yes
  • Size: 3.9MB  Download
  • Compatibility:
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We are huge fans of Mupen64 Android Edition for a number of reasons.  Compared to N64oid, it has its own set of positives and negatives.  The most outstanding achievement for this emulator, is that it was the first to optimise the touch analogue pads of the Xperia PLAY controller.  I don't just mean the up, down, left & right movements either.  Paul Lamb has taken the full effort to programme the touch pads sensitivity to exactly (or closest to) the experience you would have on a real analogue stick.  The best game for demonstrating this, is Super Mario 64.  Have a quick look at the video we posted on YouTube during it's testing modes.


So for games where the DPad just isnt enough control, this emulator is a clear winner.  However on some titles, it doesn't have the tweaks for performance that you might need.  N64 is probably the benchmark at the moment of what Android devices can do.  It might be a long time before we see XBOX, PS2 or Dreamcast emulators and the N64 isn't perfected yet.  So you will see stuttering at certain parts of games, some may have audio malfunctions and higher end games like Goldeneye and Zelda might just be unplayable in some places. 

In the near future, the Mupen 64 emulator might get the same support as others like N64oid for these performance issues.  But it is considerably cheaper than others at only 69p, it's a bargain.  I recommend buying this emulator and then if you do come across some performance issues, then perhaps you can upgrade at a later stage.

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